A few sharp words about faux-feminism:


you know what pisses me off? faux-feminism. the kind of writing and blogging that operates under a shiny veneer of “girl power” and self-satisfaction. it’s the attitude that seventeen and glamour magazine paste on in order to justify their shock at women and girls feeling bad about their bodies while they spend all of their time perpetrating it (nearly every single young woman we surveyed has at least one negative thought about her body every day? huh. try our new gut-busting workout, fatty! yes, this really happened).

now, i try to avoid being angry on the internet. generally, before i express my rage in writing, i ask myself “is there even the slightest chance that this might make the situation even a tiny bit better?” and since the answer is usually no, i tend to just skip it and move on with my life.

but not this time. because…

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  1. Missus Tribble says:

    I propose to make a new award (except I don’t know how) – The George Tierney Award For Sexist Fuckwittage.

    The woman that this lady is blogging about isn’t a feminist; she’s an abuser who’s found a handy-dandy excuse to be a bitch.

    • Yeah. If a man behaved like she does, he would be considered a major league douche bag. But she seems to think it’s okay if a woman does it!

      • Missus Tribble says:

        Unreal. That kind of behaviour is never okay.

        There’s a difference between a man caring for his disabled wife, for instance, and being a slave. If he treated *her* like that she’d be filing for divorce and declaring abuse!

        • There are plenty of selfish and inconsiderate people out there! It’s a pity some of them justify their selfishness by calling it feminism! People who aren’t familiar with what feminism actually is, will get the wrong idea.

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