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Rebecca Allen

“Men, their rights, and nothing more; women, their rights, and nothing less.”

This is the definition of feminism, according to the motto of women’s rights journal The Revolution, founded in the mid-19th century by American civil rights leader Susan B. Anthony.

Read it again.

It is not really all that controversial. I’m fairly confident that most reasonable people would agree, and if you don’t, you’re probably here by accident. Assuming you think equality for women is a good idea, turn to the person next to you and announce that you are a feminist. Tell the room. Stand on a chair and sing it. Shout it to the train carriage or at your bewildered colleagues. No? My guess is if you are a guy, doing this probably feels a tad uncomfortable.

My boyfriend is a far better feminist than I am. He passionately hates discrimination, inequality and prejudice. He has this quiet appreciation of…

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