10 Tips for Avoiding Jail When You’re Pregnant

10 Tips for Avoiding Jail When You’re Pregnant | Fem2pt0.
I stumbled on this shocking satire and was even more shocked to realise it wasn’t as satirical as I first assumed. The tips are based on real life incidents and real laws in the USA.

Pro-life, anti-abortion… I wonder if this is what they had in mind when they set out to protect unborn babies? The current laws and practices reduce women into carriers, gestation environments, as Soraya Chemaly writes, and we may not have seen the worst of it yet.

I really hope the rest of the western world won’t follow in USA’s footsteps. Lucky for me, I think it’s very unlikely that such attitudes would ever break through here… but who knows for certain? Anyway, even if my basic human rights are not immediately threatened in such a frightening way, I’m concerned about this. It’s a scary trend and it needs to end.

American women – and American men who care about women’s human rights – please vote for women (or men) who will put people’s health and safety over religious concerns! Even if you are religious, surely you don’t want laws and practices that wreck lives because of religion?

If an ideology justifies harming other human beings, for whatever reason, it’s a dangerous ideology – no matter how much it proclaims to be “pro-life.”

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