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Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor

Last time I went clubbing I had a great time… although a lot of that time was spent fending off the dicks on the dance floor. Now, I don’t mind guys coming up to dance with me, as long as … Continue reading

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A Bit of Fun – and Issues of Priviledge and Oppression

I stumbled on a blog titled the Pervocracy and the following post in there, The People You Meet When You Write about Rape: The list is both accurate and funny. Though some of the rape apologist types are slightly … Continue reading

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How to talk about sexism?

Women face sexism daily. It’s a problem in the society and women are getting more vocal about it, but women’s protests against sexism are not always a success. Some men don’t believe in sexism or belittle its impact on women. … Continue reading

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On Being Highly Sensitive

Zinemin’s post on being a highly sensitive person (link below) is very informative and enlightening, especially if you browse through all the linked articles. I’ve sometimes suspected I might be a highly sensitive person (HSP) but seeing as I have … Continue reading

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Originally posted on theradicalidea:
Irrelevant disclaimer: I just moved to a new apt where I don’t have internet, so there may not be much on this blog for a while. That said, while I DO have internet, I think the…

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Originally posted on Forming The Thread:
Whew, I feel so much better knowing this.  Todd Akin, one of Missouri’s Republican representatives in Congress knows all about how rape affects a woman, and he told an interviewer on Sunday: “First of…

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Shit Storm in Finland: Black Man Cast in a White Man’s Role

When I saw the tabloid headlines about the outrage caused by casting a black actor to play the role of Mannerheim, a national hero, I thought the tabloids were only trying to stir up a fuss and that they would … Continue reading

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