Another great post on “legitimate” rape.


Irrelevant disclaimer: I just moved to a new apt where I don’t have internet, so there may not be much on this blog for a while.

That said, while I DO have internet, I think the issue of “honest” rape/”legitimate” rape is definitely what I want to talk about.  Know why? Because there is NO SUCH THING AS “HONEST RAPE” VS “OTHER RAPE”.  Nope. Rape=Rape.  Every time.  Doesn’t matter if the people were married.  Doesn’t matter if it took the woman weeks to report.  Doesn’t matter if she didn’t take the morning after pill because she thought pregnancy was unlikely and then three months later realized she needed an abortion.  Doesn’t matter if she was drunk.  All of it is rape, people.

So all my readers, don’t vote for Ron Paul or Todd Atkin.  They’re obviously not going to defend your rights as a woman.

So let’s backtrack, in case…

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