On Being Highly Sensitive

Zinemin’s post on being a highly sensitive person (link below) is very informative and enlightening, especially if you browse through all the linked articles. I’ve sometimes suspected I might be a highly sensitive person (HSP) but seeing as I have strong conflicting traits like extroversion and thrill-seeking, even occasional impulsiveness, I thought I couldn’t be HSP.

But it turns out that some HSP people can have a component of high sensation seeking (HSS) in their personality, though it’s not very common. I took the tests and it looks like I can now label two conflicting aspects of my personality. I am HSS/HSP!

So, if…

  • you experience loud noises, smells, tastes and/or pain more strongly than other people
  • alcohol, caffeine, lack of sleep, hunger or stress affect you more than others
  • too much sensory input easily overwhelms you
  • you are very slow at making decisions
  • you need a lot of time alone, doing fuck all… (i.e. wasting time)

you may well be highly sensitive. Read and find out! In this, as in so many other things, knowledge is power.


On being highly sensitive.



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