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Innocence of Muslims and Freedom of Speech

Storming embassies and killing ambassadors is a disproportionate reaction to slander of a prophet. There is no excuse for such mindless violence. The Muslim rioters should acquaint themselves with the rest of the world enough to learn about freedom of … Continue reading

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Men as Helpless Victims

And you think feminists make men look bad!? Oh boy. You should see the accomplishments of the “men’s rights” advocates in this area! I stumbled on a Finnish blog post about the sexual abuse of men. I thought someone was … Continue reading

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Why Being Chatted up Is Not Always Nice

This is a difficult topic. It’s hard to explain why exactly is it that sometimes sexual attention is unwelcome, especially coming from strangers in non-sexual situations. You always face the risk of being accused of frigidity or rudeness if you’re … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Anglophonism:
  Sundays are a Day of Rest – by which I mean a Day of talking about the Rest of my life; that is, outside linguistics. This little rant was initiated by this article. I clicked…

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