Men as Helpless Victims

And you think feminists make men look bad!? Oh boy. You should see the accomplishments of the “men’s rights” advocates in this area! I stumbled on a Finnish blog post about the sexual abuse of men. I thought someone was addressing a widely ignored issue, and read on. It turned out the writer’s ideas about what counts as sexual abuse were more than a little obscure.

The post started with an anecdote about a middle-aged man called Pentti. He was married but he had an attractive younger colleague, Eeva, who was apparently hell-bent on seducing Pentti. She dressed in short skirts and flaunted her cleavage in poor Pentti’s face. Eeva was irresistibly cheerful and always friendly to Pentti (unlike Pentti’s wife, we are to assume) so Pentti ended up sleeping with Eeva.

That lead to a divorce so Pentti moved in with Eeva. He was then horrified to find out that Eeva dreamed of having children. They had children. Then Eeva told him they needed a bigger house for the growing family. Oh, was there no end to the demands! It wore Pentti out, having to go through all that again! Pentti regretted bitterly abandoning his first wife and the comfortable life they had together. Obviously this was all Eeva’s fault. She had sexually abused Pentti.

I’m not kidding. This was the writer’s take on the matter. He then went on to suggest that maybe women should be forced to wear burkhas to prevent them from seducing men with their sexy skirts and their cleavages.

I have the feeling this anecdote is made up. Not only is it completely ridiculous but also, the evil temptress is called Eeva… you know, Eve from the Bible. But even if the story is fictional, it shows the writer’s disturbing mindset, and this men’s rights advocate’s view of men is the most disturbing thing in his post. According to the writer, this Pentti was a completely helpless victim with no control over his actions. He slept with Eeva because she had a pair of tits. His wife left him, so he shacked up with Eeva. And then, Eeva wanted to start a family – what an evil bitch! But Pentti did everything Eeva wanted.

Pentti needs to take some responsibility for his own life. Seriously. If he didn’t want to have sex with Eeva because it might ruin his marriage, then he shouldn’t have had sex with her. If he didn’t want to have a serious relationship with Eeva, then he shouldn’t have moved in with her. And what kind of a pathetic loser agrees to start a family against his will? If the men’s rights people think this is normal for men, and women are to blame for it, that is a truly chilling outlook. Feminists at least assume adult men are capable of making their own decisions and taking responsibility for their actions.

Men’s rights advocates – quit snivelling and man up! Women are not responsible for your actions. You are.

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