Comment Policy

All comments are welcome, even if you disagree with me. However, I expect you to be polite. I moderate comments to prevent pointless trolling and abuse. If your comment is out of line, it goes to the bin.

If you’re honestly not sure what the reasonable limits are, imagine you’re talking to a stranger face to face in a public place instead of typing an anonymous comment online: no name-calling, no threats, no aggression. Normal social rules apply.

Calling me names, swearing and raging at me is not going to make me agree with you. It’s just not convincing argumentation. And if you don’t want to listen to what I have to say here – if talking to a feminist will only make you angry – then maybe don’t try to engage me in conversation? Because what’s the point, right?

Also, if your only reason for commenting is to see if you can make me lose my temper, for the lulz, consider your job done! I have lost my temper, to the degree that I no longer even publish comments if I get the impression that the writer’s main motive is to stir up an emotional response in me. If you have a valid point that you want to make, or you want to raise some concern, I’m interested in hearing it, but only if you can say it without pissing me off. I don’t bother talking to people who are rude to me in real life, so why should I put up with it online?

Sorry about all the caveats, to the regular people who don’t come here with the intention to troll! When I started this blog, I imagined people would talk freely in the comments and exchange ideas and experiences. But because of the trolls, monitoring the comments is a must, and since that causes a delay at the best of times, it discourages conversation. Nevertheless, I value your input so if you have something to say, please do!

I have been on a hiatus, so I’m sorry about the normal, non-trolling comments that haven’t been published because I haven’t been reading my notifications. I know it’s extremely irritating when you take the time to write a comment and then it never gets published. I just went through the pending comments, so all the civil ones should be out there now. I chose not to publish comments to old arguments that I had found pointless, and had explained why I thought they were pointless.

I’m not sure if I’m going to post updates any time soon but now that I have sorted out the pending comments, I’ll make sure stay on top of the situation and publish comments as they come. Thanks for reading!

4 Responses to Comment Policy

  1. stidesheaven says:

    hey kiki

    looks like my comment in your ‘too many dicks on the dancefloor’ article was removed
    i disgreed with you on a couple of points, and i offered an explanation of sorts, from my point of view, as to why men tend to behave in the way you stated, am pretty sure there was nothing offensive or insulting in my post, any idea why the post was removed?


    • Hey, sorry about that. I don’t approve any comments without previewing them first. Even so, I started getting so many trolls that I got sick of reading the notifications. Although I didn’t expect writing about feminism would be fun, I wasn’t prepared for all the vitriol it raised. Reading through the nasty comments didn’t seem like a meaningful way to spend my time so I decided to take a break. So unfortunately no comments got through while I was awol.

      I should have updated my comment policy to explain the situation, and I’m now considering changes to the policy.

      • Fernandez Laura says:

        my name is Laura Fernandez, I’m studying journalism in France and currently work on Finland and battered women overthere. I came upon your blog and was wondering if we could speak about that ? All the best, Laura Fernandez

        • Hi! Sorry I’m late to this but if you’re still interested, I can try answering your questions. But to tell you the truth, those news about domestic violence in Finland came as a surprise. I didn’t think it was that common!

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